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United We Stand

Interested in writing articles for the new GI newspaper that is by and for GI’s? Since this paper is going into its third edition, help is needed and encouraged from those who like to tell it like it is and are not afraid to speak out.

We believe “Up From the Bottom” has a great potential in relating things to GI’s that occur not only on some of the bases and ships, but things that occur in civilian life.

All that is needed is your ideas. If you would like to discuss these ideas so that they can be put into the paper, someone will be able to help. Even if you would like to see the people in action preparing the paper, come to either The Enlisted People’s Place at 4844 Voltaire St. in Ocean Beach, or come to the new Center for Servicemen’s Rights, a new place which just opened to GI’s and their dependents, located at 3178 National Ave. (Corner of 32nd and National). If you haven’t the time to drop by with your ideas, drop them in the mail to the addresses listed above. Above all your criticism is needed greatly to improve the content and material of the paper.





Up From the Bottom, vol. 1, no. 3


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