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What better way is there to start off the first edition of UP FRONT then to let you know why...yes, why we, all active duty GIs and reservists, feel this paper is necessary. First of all we believe that this is the only paper in the underground GI movement to be composed and staffed entirely by GIs and Reservists, who will run this paper in a non-biased manner, reporting about the GI Antiwar Movement, GIs Rights, and GI happenings on the local bases in the Southern California Area. There will be no direct affiliation with any politically organized groups, so that we, the GIs, will be able to tell and hear it like it is: as individuals.

In this manner UP FRONT will initially be designed for distribution on military bases in Southern California, which is an absolute must. You the GI have a right to know what is happening , and that is what we intend to tell you. Many of you are unaware and/or afraid, and UP FRONT hopes to be the stepping stone to get many of you involved, along with the entire Peace Community.

In several matters of importance it will be the policy of UP FRONT that:

l. The paper itself will be run entirely by active duty GIs and reservists.

2. It will be up to the sole discretion of the staff as to limiting the involvement of any one organization in working with UP FRONT when it appears that it will not be of best interest for the paper, and for the entire Peace Community in general.

3. Any article submitted by an active duty GI will not have the name of the serviceman printed, unless you specifically request that your name be printed.

4. Any happening that might involve a GI and news about a GI organization will clearly state whether it is a political, religious, or social etc., oriented affair. It is time that the GI knows what he is getting involved with, and allowing you, the GI, to make up your own mind as suited to your own needs and interests.

All of us at some time or another have done some writing, or at least have thought about it anyway, even if only to write to the editor. Don't think twice about it: send in some of your short works on war and freedom. Let us know what is happening on your bases. Send us your poetry and cartoons. Whatever you feel might be important, let us know about it, because it may very well be important to other GIs. So now is your chance. We need as many GIs as possible to work together to make UP FRONT a success, and one of the best GI underground papers around. With all of your support UP FRONT is going to grow, and I do mean grow. Within the last two weeks, even before the first edition was put out, several more GIs have shown their interest in UP FRONT; there are now 10 GIs working and writing for this paper. So let's all go; NOW!

Up Front, no. 1


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