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GI Civilian Alliance For Peace

Following is a letter received from the GI organization which was organized in Seattle, Washington during October of 1968. This group and other groups like it are of importance to UP FRONT and all GIs because it is also a GI controlled organization with no one political organization behind it.

Greetings UP FRONT:
We at GI Cap (GI Civilian Alliance for Peace) would like to thank you for sending us your first born newsletter and would like to ask you to continue to do so.

GI Cap was organized by GI's, in October 1968 and our newsletter Counterpoint now has over 600 subscribers and is really growing. We organized with a group of 200 GIs and have asked for and received the help of concerned civilians. We are against the war in Vietnam and are extremely pro-GI, but we are not a political organization. GI Cap is composed of many political groups: Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, etc., and wish not to be labeled a political organization.

GI Cap is run by the GIs involved in the struggle to end racism, the Vietnam atrocity, etc., and we are gratefully aided by Civilian Contribution (their ideas and their involved, concerned souls). Their help is gratefully received as it should be.

Counterpoint welcomes articles from all; political, social and economic ideas are contributed by concerned Americans and the Staff of GI Cap organizes that material which makes up the newsletter. I feel we have succeeded in presenting fair and unbiased dialogue that is pertinent and which works toward solving the problems we are so concerned about.

Please let your subscribers become aware of our concerned organization just as we shall spread the word about your new and informed UP FRONT.

Thank you again.

UP FRONT would like to thank you for your very informative letter. We are extremely interested in all GI controlled organizations, and would like to learn more about each and every GI organization existing and if you would drop us a line and let us know about it, we would be very grateful.

Up Front, no. 3


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