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To All Readers

You are now reading the final article to be written for UP FRONT. Yes, it is with a tear in my eye and a heart full of emotions and sadness that I say to you that after eight months in existance [sic] this will be the final issue of UP FRONT. This paper originated as a total GI paper, at which time I was a GI, and now the time has come that there is almost no GI involvement in this paper, which is to be attributed to military problems, personal problems, and bigger and better things happening in the GI movement. I have spent many a sleepless night in the past few weeks trying to figure out a solution to this problem, but after talking to many GIs there just is no solution for some obvious and other quite involved reasons. It was very difficult at first to accept this, but now I must face it. It is now time for the GI to do their own organizing. They don't need civilians to do this for them. They can now do it themselves; and this is really a beautiful thing. They want something new, not used. So rather than deceiving everyone, and especially myself this paper must come to an end.

I sincerely hope that during its existance [sic], UP FRONT has contributed to and helped many GIs to find themselves, which hopefully can be seen by all the GIs who have worked with this paper in the past. They have gone on to bigger and better things. But I sincerely hope that the countless thousands of GIs that have read this paper will now speak up and take their stand. Now is the time to be strong and committed. It is the GI who will take the greatest steps to stop this war and all injustices done to them. UP FRONT has committed itself to these goals, and now I hope that you, the GIs, will continue these goals in your own way with even more vigor.

I don' t want all you subscribers without a paper to keep up on the GI movement so may I suggest that you all subscribe to the new Camp Pendleton Underground paper ATTITUDE CHECK, P.O. Box 1356, Vista, Calif. 92083, which is free to GIs and $6.OO a year donation to civilians. So please subscribe to it for the continuing word on what is happening in Southern California. There are many GIs involved on this paper and they will be more than grateful if all the GIs who have received subscriptions from this paper now subscribe to theirs. And please, all of you peaceniks who have supported UP FRONT; offer your support to ATTITUDE CHECK and all the GI movement in Southern Calif.

May I thank each and everyone of you who have supported this paper and all the former GIs who have worked on it. If it weren't for you UP FRONT would not have been able to survive this long.

It is really very difficult for me to realize that the paper I started many months ago as a GI with GIs is now dead. It really hurts, but it is an unavoidable task. For those of you who have sent contributions; I have decided at this time that any money that is left after this printing will be distributed to three worthy organizations. One third to SUPPORT OUR SOLDIERS in San Francisco, one third to the Sanctuary committee of the first Unitarian Church in Los Angeles, and the remaining third to the ATTITUDE CHECK from Camp Pendleton.

This is by no way my death in the Peace Movement. I am now going to work even harder for peace. I ask all Underground GI papers and organizations to continue their mailing newspapers and important announcements to UP FRONT so that I may continue updating the present file that is used by many GIs for their own learning.

Peace, Love, and Human Understanding.
Floyd A. Hof

Up Front, no. 7


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