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The Man Who Is Denied Of The Right Of Individual Expression Has Been Deprived Of His Humanity

The man who is denied of the right of individual expression has been deprived of his humanity. The man who is denied the right to follow dictates of his conscience is incapable of moral conduct. The american GI is subjected to racial discrimination. On search and destroy missions the majority of people appointed come from minority groups. By appointment I mean involuntary involvement. The draftee is subjent to intensive desensitifaction [sic] which deprives him of his individuality. This, in turn, deprives him of his ability to feel compassion or just being a human being. He can no longer think for himself but blatantly serves goals imposed on him. Why should a boy of 18 not be allowd [sic] to vote on the polieies [sic] which only give him the choice of killing or imprisonment.
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