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The USAF Newspaper Is Primarily Set Up As A Means For You, The GI, To Express Your Feelings And Beliefs

The USAF newspaper is primarily set up as a means for you, the GI, to express your feelings and beliefs concerning your military experiences, the duty, the conscription, the war, the haraesment, etc. Whatever you wish to express, and in any form that you see fit, we welcome.

Letters to the editor are of prime concern to the USAF. We will make a concert-ed effort to answer any question you might have. Also, we would appreciate articles and essays concerning the armed forces or problems and hassles you are having.

This is a freedom alloted to you as a GI and citizen under the First Amendment, so help us out and exercise one of the few freedome you have-- express youselves. The USAF newspaper will be more than happy to consider your works for publication.

We need your help in articles and contributions and sweat to keep the presses rolling.

USAF Staff Thank you,
221 Xenia Ave.
Yellow Springs, Ohio



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