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The American Servicemen’s Union is a joining together of rank and file servicemen to gain their rights.

It recognizes that the services are run by a military dictatorship which violates the rights of every serviceman, every day.

“Attention! .“Right Face!”... “Forward March!”.. .“Say `Sir' when you're talking to an officer!” are merely everyday humiliations to prepare you to be a willing robot, to do the dirty work, to die if the boss-man says so; so that the boss-man can go on giving unjust orders.

Your fellow GI's are founding this union. They are no longer willing to be slaves of this dictatorship. But they know that individual resistance alone, while it inspires others, is not enough. The Brass who have usurped illegal, unConstitutional and completely unjust power over you and millions of others, is able to control you precisely because they arc organized into a machine that can grind individuals up. Rank and filers must organize their own power into a stronger machine.

It may seem an impossible thing, that nothing could unite all the guys so you can act together against the power of the Brass.

But it can he done and WILL be done!



1. An end to saluting officers and siring of officers, let's get off our knees.
2. Election of officers by vote of the men.
3. Racial equality.
4. Rank and `filers' control of courtmartial boards.
5. Federal minimum wages.
6. The right of free political association.
7. The right to disobey illegal orders, like orders to go to and fight in an illegal war in Vietnam.
8. The right of collective bargaining.

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