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The GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee

The GI CIVIL LIBERTIES DEFENCE COMMITTEE was founded last fall to defend GI’s who are harrassed [sic] or penalized for exercising the Constitutional Rights guaranteed to every citizen of the United States; rights such as freedom of assembly and speech, and freedom to petition.

The GI CIVIL LIBERTIES DEFENCE COMMITTEE has defended GI’s in the past, and is now protecting GI’s at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and at other bases around the country--supplying competent advisors and legal assistance.

The USAF has commitments from the COMMITTEE for protection of GI’s at Wright-Patterson wishing to assert any rights denied to them and being harrassed by the brass.

Contact us or write directly to GI CIVIL LIBERTIES DEFENCE COMMITTEE, Box 355, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10011. In case of emergency call collect.






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