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Where We’re At

What we shall win seems to be the question now. For so long we, (the working class,the EM!) have been conned into thinking that what we were doing for the Army was right. Whatever the MAN puts down we're expected to swallow without question. “We're here to defend freedom not to practice it” is the adage every commander must abide by.

It would be a gross understatement to say the lifers stick together. We all know how they “scratch each other's back”. We also know that we (because we are known to think for ourselves) will catch the shit details quicker than Dudley–Do–Right who is known to kiss a little ass, The lifers are hip to the strategy of safety in numbers we too must now realize this and practice it.

Since you've been in the Army you've known something's wrong, I mean bad wrong! How many times have you sat around rapping about how “so and so” got the big green fucking?? You could see the gross injustice but the odds were equally unbelievable one man against the Army Power Structure. And that is where they haveus by the balls, “Together we stand, divided we hang.”

VENCEREMOS is our voice in the Frankfurt area. It's one way to show the lifers that we are serious; that we, as US Servicemen demand the rights supposedly assured us by the US Constitution; that we will no longer submit to the Gestapo tactics used against us.

VENCEREMOS can only survive with your personal participation. It is put together by a handful of GI's who like to have a say in how their own lives be together was something you talked about in the snack bar or in the room after duty hours.

NO MORE!! The call is out to all of us as brothers, EM who refuse to be moved as pieces in a ridiculous chess game.


Venceremos, no. 1


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