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How often do you hear the word equality? Sure you have heard it many times. I'm also sure that a lot of us in the army know that the word “equality” is non-existent. In most cases we are denied even our basic human rights, but still the pigs who run this so called democratic government expect us to go around the world to fight their money -making wars.

Back in the states the Brothers aree uniting and demanding their (our) rights. Everyday brothers are going to jail for demanding things that have been promised us for over 100 years.

Here in the army it is quite evident that we are being oppressed - I don't think it is necessary to cite instances. Brothers, lets get off our knees and do something to change this shit we are subjected to. The time is now, Venceremos is your paper too brothers. Send your gripes to us or bring them personally and we will see that they are printed.






Venceremos, no. 1


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