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Ft. Dix Demo

Two GI.s are being court martialed for being in the demonstration at Fort Dix New Jersey, on May 16th. This demonstration drew 3,000 people and stopped the Armed Forces Day celebration. The base was closed and thousands of limited guests weren't able to see you nice clean soldiers.

Of the two GI's being court martialed, Ron Ivanic's charges are: demonstrating on a military reservation, participating in a demonstration where violence is likely to result, and leaving his unit without a pass.  Chilham, the other GI, is being court martialed for the same thing. But instead of being charged with leaving his unit without a past, they decided to frame him upon a grand larceny charge.

But there are a few things that the Army forgets to mention. One is that the post was clearly marked and that none of the demonstrators got by the gate. The land outside the gate that is military property however, was not marked. So now the lifers are going to court martial these guys for being on it. Like how the hell were they supposed to know?

As for participating in a demonstration "where violence was likely to result" the only violence that was likely was going to come from the state police. They were calling for the demonstrators to come ahead and try to get on post. These pigs were really trying to start something that they could blame on the demonstrators. Yeah, violence was likely to result, but from whom?

One guy didn't sign out while on pass. Guys do that all the time and nobody really gives a fuck.

The Army is really trying to screw these guys, like they try to screw everybody else who doesn't do just what they say.

But why? For being in a demonstration against the war? There's more behind it than that, It's not just the war that's bad or the Army. It's the whole tucked op system we we under. Let's face it, it's not just the war or the Army the demonstrators are against. It's the President and all of his kiss asses, from the big corporations all the way down to your friendly platoon sergeant.

They are the ones that keep us in Viet Nam and they are the one, that give us Article 15's and court martials They are the ones who are rich and own all the industry and land. They make us work our eases off to they can have their millions end all the luxury and power that go with it.

This whole country is all tucked up, getting people killed in senseless wars, breaking strikes, and tucking people over left and right. These two guys decided to do something about it. It wasn't much, but it was something. For that the Army is going to try and burn their ass.

Vietnam GI, June 1970



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