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In the past two months, there has been an increasing amount of anti-war activity at several Stateside bases. We who have been to the Nam already have a lot of respect for GIs with the guts to rap and organize against the War on Stateside bases. We support all the various anti-war activities that are happening these days at different posts around the country. We're for any EMs, draftees, and enlistees (what the helleveryone makes a mistake sometime), who stand up for. their rights and are trying to keep the Brass off their backs. Just to stay with the program is tough enough in the service, but to try to organize against the War from the inside is hard as hell.

We don't advocate any single way of organizing against the War in the service. We say that the methods cannot come from outside the military, but have to be developed by GIs according to the local conditions of their bases. For instance, at any one post, a lot depends on what the local Brass is like and what kind of units are stationed there. Besides, there are all kinds of local issues that relate to the War.

But for guys in the Nam, it's another matter: there is only one thing to do-it is to stay with the program. The Nam isn't the place to do anything but survive, be cool, and think about how short you are.

One of the main purposes of the paper is to give a guy publicity when he wants it. Sometimes, but not always, it helps make the military a little less eager to screw over a GI. So we'd like to hear from you guys; let us know what's happening around your base. The Nam, too.

Vietnam GI, April 1968



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