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Atlanta Vets March, Visit Captain Levy

Atlanta's Hiroshima Day Peace Parade, the largest demonstration against the Viet war so far in the South with over 600 marchers, was led by the newly formed Veterans for Peace in Vietnam. The two dozen vets, black and white, and wearing their caps, included the Rev. Ralph Abecnathy, a leader of Dr. Martin Luther Ring's Southern Christian Leadership Council.

The Atlanta vets, organized a solidarity delegation which visited Capt. Howard Levy, the Army doctor court-martialled for his anti-war convictions, an Sunday, Aug. 20th, at Ft. Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.

They report Dr. Levy in excellent spirits. "Levy has supporters on the base. Possibly 10-15 fellows wear pro-Levy buttons when off have in civilian clothes. He said there is much anti-war sentiment even among officers and regular Army cadre," reports Bill McKcane.







Veterans Stars and Stripes for Peace, vol. 1, no. 1


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