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N.Y. Vets: 'Free Levy'

New York vets joined August 5th in a 3000-strong march led thru Midtown Manhattan streets by a large contingent of white-clad doctors, nurses, medical students and hospital workers. The marchers called far release on bait al Dr. Howard B. Levy, U.S. Army Captain sentenced to three years at hard labor for refusing to train Special Forces aidmen on grounds they one medicine primarily far political and military purposes.

At a concluding rally the demonstrators heard two Viet vets: Dr. Arthur S. Blank, Jr., chief psychiatrist in Saigon and Bieo Hoa hospitals in 1965-6 and Jan Crumb, Coordinator of Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

Dr. Blank said, "Officers and sergeants in this country and abroad, in basic training centers, in hospitals, and in the base camps in Vietnam, building and maintaining an army and fighting a war, know full well that among them many dissent from national policy and object to the war. Opposition does not atop at the induction center. In my experience, the belief that what we are doing in Asia is wrong, is as widespread in the Army as it is among all our people."

"The soldier's patience is great, but it is not endless," Dr. Blank concluded, "and we thank Dr. Levy for reminding the nation of that. Someday, what in happening this summer in America's cities, mold happen in America's army. We do not have forever to end this war."

and TV interviews, panel diiscussions and debates. Various individuals, and the group itself, have been featured in a number at newspapers and magazines.


Veterans Stars and Stripes for Peace, vol. 1, no. 1


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