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Special Message From Sgt. Don Duncan, Ex-Green Beret

As former members of the U.S. military you know it requires no physical or moral courage to answer a draft call. In view of the circumstances, not to answer does require some courage. Thousands of young people are refusing to cooperate because of their convctions, and being called cowards and traitors. As veterans talking to friends and neighbors, our debunking such nonsense will carry much weight.

These young people need help -- we should give it. The one thing this country doesn't need is more militaristic programmed thinkers. While talking, lay to rest once and for all the false ethic "I had to serve, why shouldn't he?" You might also mention that anyone who believes our actions in Viet6nam are destroying our country and doesn't take action to try and stop it is guilty of treason - to his country and himself.








Veterans Stars and Stripes for Peace, vol. 1, no. 2


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