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THIS IS THE FIRST ISSUE OF WE GOT THE BRASS--PUT OUT BY G.I.’S, EX-G.I.’S, AND RESISTORS IN EUROPE, UNITED BY OUR OPPOSITION TO THE MINDLESS WAR IN VIETNAM AND THE PAWN OF THAT WAR, THE U.S. ARMY. We are also united with the large number of G.I.’s in the States who have begun to say FTA: G.I.’s at every base are now uniting, finding out that the only way to fight the bullshit is to get together. This is their paper too -- the paper of the Presidio 27, the G.I.’s United Against the War at Fort Jackson, the Fort Hood 43, the American Deserters Committees in Sweeden, France, and Canada. And now the G.I.’s in Germany who have begun to fight back, like at Baumholder and K-Slaughtern.

WHAT UNITES US IS SIMPLE -- the unwillingness to kill and be killed in a war that makes others rich, that our parents pay for, and that neither the Vietnamese nor the majority of Americans want. And the daily life of oppression in the army, taking orders from stupid lifers, learning the robot discipline that gets us prepared for life (?) on the outside.

BUT WHAT DIVIDES US IS STRONG TOO -- the fear of the stockade, the isolation, the feeling that its impossible to act against a monster the size of the U. S. Army when you’re alone. But that’s no longer true. We are no longer alone. That is why this paper is your paper too -- it is the paper of everyone who gets fucked over by the army and begins to fight back. What we can do is break down the army’s news blackout of G.I.’s fighting back - in this issue we have concentrated on printing material from G.I. underground papers in the States. What you can do is give us more to write about.

WE GOT THE brASS (German Edition), no. 1


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