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One Of The Favorite Weapons Of The Army Is The News Blackout

One of the favorite weapons of the Army is the news blackout— a protest by guys at Baumholder will go unheard of by guys at Munich, etc. That makes it much easier to silence protesters -- without the public exposure brothers at the Presidio would be serving 15 year sentences. WE GOT THE brASS can help smash that blackout. Whenever anything happens in your division, write to us and we'll print it. Likewise, well see to it that all news you send us gets to the press in the States.

Write us aIso with letters, gripes, news of guys who refuse Nam, suggestions, etc. This is your paper.

If your FTA action gets you into trouble, write immediately and we'll try to contact lawyers.
And if you want more material to read and distribute, like FTA or Huey Newton pamphlets, we'll send them to you. Our address:

M. Billaudot, 33 rue Vautthier, 92 - BOULOGNE, FRANCE






WE GOT THE brASS (German Edition), no. 1


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