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A Word Of Introduction

A word of introduction. We are a group of people--guys who've been in the Army, guys about to go in, and girls--who found out from talking with GI's in Germany that help is needed here.

From the start we have seen our role as trying to help break down this isolation. We've been traveling all over Germany showing films (made by Newsreel) about what's going on back in the world. The showings provide a chance for people to get together, often for the first time since they've been in, and really rap about how they feel fucked-over and what can be done about it. Often this has led to regular meetings and plans for local GI papers. We've also put out a GI paper for all of Germany, called WE GOT THE brASS, as another way to get news to guys of what our brothers are into.

While GI’s in the States are getting together, organizing and fighting back, guys over here are kept in line. The Army has very effective ways of doing this. Threats of the stockade and other forms of military-style repression KEEP PEOPLE AFRAID to exercise even their most basic constitutional rights. Being so isolated here in Germany, so cut-off from news of what our brothers back home are doing to fight the repression, keeps people feeling alone and helpless.

The first two issues were about GI actions back home, things which guys over here don't get a chance to hear about. As time has gone by, and we're ready for the third issue, we see ourselves even more as a support group A lot of things are happening at different bases in Germany. Guys need to know about them, and that's where this issue is at.

Now, at many bases here, guys have seen the need to start their own papers. These local papers are an important part of the struggle. WE GOT THE brASS should not be a substitute for them; it should be used as a means of learning about our brother's struggles, learning from their failures and victories. When things go down at your base, it's important to let us know so we can spread the word. There' s courage to be gained in knowing you're not alone.

We can also help by finding printing facilities for your paper. And if you think a film showing would help in organizing at your base, write and ask us to come; we'll try to make it. At the moment, there's a shortage of good lawyers who don't charge a fortune and know how to handle political cases, but we're working on a campaign to bring a lawyer from the states, and to get bread for a legal defense fund. If you get busted for your color or for political activities and need a lawyer right away, write or call us. (tel: 740109 in Frankfurt).

So regardless of the smear campaign of O.W. (who calls us pot-smokin hippies) and of the brass (who call us creepin' commies) we are serious about helping GI's in any way we can. It's all the same struggle--you either win or die--and we're going to win! Right on!

WE GOT THE brASS (German Edition), no. 3


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