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How Did the Movement Start Here?

How did the movement start here? well contrary to popular (lifer's) belief, it isn't a commie-inspired movement.

Rather, it was inspired by the lifers themselves. The constant harassment and bullshit lifers subject us to has forced us up against the wall. We intend to reverse roles and put the liters up against the wall. For only then will we gain the rights supposedly guarenteed [sic] us as American citizens.

Just who are “we”? we are G I's. So we know just what lifer harassment is because we experience it everyday. But unlike most GI's, we've decided to take a stand against this needless and repressive harassment. For some time now we've rapped on the problems that we as GI's face. Well now we're tired cf discussing problems because in the end talk is only bullshit. Only through action are problems solved.

We've decided to act and our paper, VENCEREMOS, is a start. But it's only a start and we need to rapidly move on to more aggressive action. All of us as GI's must decide what kind of action is needed.

I don't feel there is any need for us to go into just why action on our part is needed. If you're a GI then you've been fucked over by some illiterate, cowardly lifer. A lifer is a coward because he'll hide behind his rank every fucking time. Any GI with half a brain knows this. What one of you wouldn't love to take some lifer behind the billets and whip his ass. Well obviously we can't do this (not yet), but by joining together we can bring about changes so that some dullwitted honky lifer can't treat us like a dog anytime his warped shrunken brain so desires.
As anyone who is interested enough to read this paper knows, the GI movement is growing throughout the Army. It is growing here in Europe as well as Stateside and in Vietnam. Frankfurt is no exception. The GI movement in Frankfurt is growing ever stronger and we'll soon have our own paper out, called VENCEREMOS (Spanish for “We will win!”).

It is important that we realize that we definitely can bring about changes in the “system,” both military and non-military. The Army is by no means unbeatable. After all, we desperately need to increase the number of participants in the GI movement. All GIs must join together for strength and action. If you're a GI, you need all the help you can get, and brother if you don't know it, then you are no t any smarter than the lifers who are fucking over, you. If you continue to let these lifer-pigs fuck over you then you' re a chump and less than a man. According to the U.S. Army, to be a “man” you must really be a sheep and follow blindly. A real man is able to think for himself as well as defend himself.

Do you wish to be treated like a human being, like a man? Then join the Movement. Are you against the brutal and senseless loss of human lives in a rich man's war, a war which rich, fat cats started but are too cowardly to fight themselves? If you're not a chump and you don't want to suffer for some rich, fat-ass in Washington D.C., if you oppose the Viet Nam War, then join the Movement. If you're a GI, join the Movement and help yourself and your brothers. But do something and don't just bull shit.

WE GOT THE brASS (German Edition), no. 3


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