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GIs In Nam Protest War

Three thousand U.S. troops stationed just north of Saigon demonstrated against the war late last month. The troop-members of the 25th Div. at Dong Du base in the Cu Chi district were supported by thousands of South Vietnamese base employees. They demonstrated Dec. 27 with huge placards demanding an end to the war and their repatriation. Numerous other such incidents have been reported before, but never on such a large scale.

Four days after the Cu Chi demonstration, two truckloads of black U.S. troops, sent to suppress an antiwar demonstration outside the headquarters ogf the 1st Batallion of the 49th regiment of Saigon's 25th Division in the Ben Luch district of Long An province, suddenly came upon English-laguage streamers saying "Peace in Vietnam."

The U.S. soldiers renounced their mission and fraternised with the demonstrators.







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