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Where It's At Is Exactly What It Says.

Where It's At is exactly what it says. It's the flip side of the coin, the completion of the Military's side of the picture, or maybe just simply the other point of view America is so proud of talking about but rarely produces. But this is not just another soldiers' newspaper. It is an attempt to bridge the artificial gap the Military has tried to create between the GI and his environment, namely, other Americans and the German populace If it works, if the soldier is willing to write about the abuses and complaints in the Armed Forces with which he is in daily contact, then that artificial gap will disappear. And public dialogue is one of the best ways to cure social and military ills. Together we can surely call this newspaper Where It's At, something which the Military cannot claim. (Material should be sent to Fran Fuller, 1 Berlin 12, Niebuhrstr. 64. Names are not required, but we would like to know the place where one is stationed, the unit, and one’s rank. -Ed.)







Where It's At, vol. 1, no. 1


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