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Before You Pass Judgement

Before you as readers pass judgment on those of us who put this paper together, think first: Why did we go thru so much trouble, spend so much money to have it printed, and use up so much of our spare time to put out an underground newspaper. I'll speak for myself now. First, I finally got tired of being harassed just because I don't agree with the present government or the military. I got tired of reading only what the military wants you to read in the news as in the Stars and Stripes newspaper. I'm tired of listening to the news on the radio and t.v. knowing that it is censored and I have proof that it is. I'm tired of living in a place with so rnany problems and no one ever doing anything about them.

We're not trying to cause trouble with this newspaper or damage America with it. None of us are so-called Communists. I for one am proud to be an American, but to be an American, do I have to live under constant oppression? Must I have my rights stripped of me to protect the rights of others by being in the military? Would you-or do you?

The reason for this paper is because we care about us, you, and America. Do you think we would risk jail, and that's what will happen when Uncle finds out who we are, if this was not important not only to us but for you also? Many of us have many plans for when we get out of the military such as college, getting married, etc. and being jailed solely for publishing this newspaper would greatly upset these plans, but we're still doing it. Think about that for & while.

Because we have this freedom of speech and because we have freedom of the press we cannot put our names to this paper, even though all of us here wish we could. Do we really have these freedoms? Go ahead and express yourself the way you really feel on certain matters and you'll find your answer.

Give us a chance by not throwing away this paper when you find that it is an underground paper, but read it. all of it, try to understand what we are trying to convey across to you, then you can say what you will.
If you can't understand what we are trying to say, why don't you then try to understand yourself, and when you do, then and only then will you trully start to understand things as they really are.

Whig, no. 1


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