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Statement Of Purpose And Responsibility

Some GI’s in the Fort Hamilton complex believe that responsible citizenship and responsible involvement in the defense of our country require more than close-minded assent to the policies of the government and the operations of the military. Rather, we feel that an active, inquiring dissent is a more valuable service to the betterment of America.

As a means of expressing our opinions and beliefs, we are establishing this paper. GI papers have sprung up on bases throughout the world wide-expanse of the American military. These are an effective way of providing an alternative to the shallowness and bias which often characterizes Army policy.

The editorial policy of XPRESS will be a constant attempt toward truth and relevance. We will make every attempt to avoid meaningless rhetoric and ill-conceived half-truths. We will attempt to event create dialogue and dissent within the paper, providing a forum for the discussion of the issues which effect all Americans and especially those men involved in the actions of their country in the perpetration of certain political ideals and systems and the suppression of others.

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” (Abraham Lincoln)




XPress, no. 1


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