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A Free Press Is An Unequivocal Requirement For A Free Society

A free press is an unequivocal requirement for a free society. It is imperative that the people (GIs are also people) have access to all points of view if they are to decide intelligently the direction of their lives, and collectively--their society.

We, as GIs, are forced to participate in whatever the military hierarchy decides is “in the national interest” (i.e. whatever will maintain the present power structure). If a person desires to prostitute himself to the wishes of his “superiors” we feel he should at least have the opportunity to read about the case for freedom vs servitude. YML does its best to present this case to the GI by reporting the activities of the Movement with special emphasis on the GI.

We welcome and approve of the military government exercising their rights by speaking out on the issues (if they would only speak out more). “The best test of truth is its ability to compete in the market-place of ideas.” We at YML would appreciate short, concise rebuttals to our viewpoints. Names are not required.






Your Military Left, vol. 1, no. 8


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