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The Killing of Richard Bunch and the Presidio Rebellion - Unclassified Documents

The links below are to scanned copies of original documents, held in the National Archives, that have never been published before. Please be aware that some personal information was redacted by the staff of National Archives. Also be aware that the originals used an extremely small typeface, so for reasons of clarity a number of these images are quite large and may take a little time too load, depending on the speed of your modem. Please be patient


Richard Bunch

  • Investigation

CID Report of Investigation
Investigators Conclusions
Substantiation of Conclusion

  • Criminal Investigators

Statement of Raymond Miller (criminal investigator)
Statement of Grant Winans (criminal Investigator)

  • Guards

Statement of Paul Calhoun October 11 (guard/witness)
Statement of Paul Calhoun October 14
Statement of Wayne Castro (medical orderly/witness)
Statement of Gary Hall (medical orderly/witness)
Statement of Scott Lawson (guard/witness)
Statement of Bryce Wolverton (guard who shot Bunch),

  • Prisoners

Statement of Linden Blake (prisoner/witness)
Statement of John Colip (prisoner/witness)
Statement of Clayton Reum (prisoner/witness)

  • Miscellaneous Documents

Autopsy Protocol
Confinment Order
Psychiatric Evaluation


The Presidio 27 "Mutiny"




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