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No Business as Usual Grifiss Air Base, May 17: We must ... continue the struggle against the wars of imperialism the U.S. is waging against Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and all around the world. To do this we must attack the military machine that makes U.S. imperialism possible. And while we're fighting the military from the outside, we must support the GIs struggling inside the military. Their fight for basic rights, through the American Servicemen's Union (ASU), and their struggle against racism and for self-detyermination for black and Third World People, the many struggles against the brass (officers), the brutal conditions in the stockades -- against the entire military machine must be supported. And when ASU members and organizers are framed-up, like the Camp McCoy 3, we must come to their defense. To show ourr suport for the GIs in Viet Nam who are laying down their guns and refusing to fight, and the GIs here who are refusing to go, we say, "no business as usual" at Grifiss Air Force Base, Monday, May 17. JOIN US!

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