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Camp Lejeune Marines Say: We've Had Enough! We are a group of active-duty marines and their civilian friends from the area of Jacksonville, North Carolina. We oppose the American war against the people of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and join this demonstration to show that opposition. We also opose the use of GIs as riot cops. The men of the 2nd Marines who have been sent up here for riot duty should not be forced to put down their brothers and sisters who oppose Nixon's genocidal war policy. We came together in an effort to change the Marine Corps system of oppression which hangs over our heads every day. We are tired of being denied rioghts supposedly guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution. We are tired of local merchants who attempt to rip off our money. We are tired of listening to Nixon's lies about peace while reading about his destruction of the land and people of Vietnam. We demand an end to discrimination base on race, sex, beliefs and rank used in the military. We join the demand for universal amnesty for resisters and deserters. ... We publish RAGE, az paper by and for GIs and their dependents of Camp lejeune and the New River Air Station. ... We also counsel other Mariners abvout how to use the UCMJ to their advantage. STO THE USE OF GIS AS RIOT COPS!!!!

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