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Attention GI's Under Attack; Presidio Trials at Ft Lewis; Support GI Rights The barbaric senstences of 14 to 16 years at hard labor imposed by the brass on the GI's who sat-in to protest the murder of their fellow inmate at the Presidio Stockade in San Francisco has produced a massive public outcry. The brass have tried to get around this by moving the trials out of the Bay Area. Some of the GI's will be tried at desert bases, and 5 will be tried at Ft. Lewis. Onviously the Army brass hopes that they will meet no opposition here. They're wrong. They don't know GI-CAP, a strong growing alliance of GI and civilian antiwar fighters. Thery don't seem to realize that there is as much antiwar sentiment here as there is in the Bay Area. GI-CAP and a growing list of other organizations are mobilizing to support the rights of free speech for these GIs who spoke out against the calous negligence and brutality of the Army brass. We call on all students and civilians to join us in daily car pols to Ft. Lewis. ... We will attend the trials to express our support for the men, and we will issue information releases on the trial. We will put a public spotlight on the brass. More importantly, we will go around the base explaining the fact of the victimization to GI's. We will use the case to build the defense of the Presidio GI's and to build antiwar movement so that we can defend even more.

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