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GI's Say: Bring the Troops Home, Send Hope back over! Bob Hope claims he has done more for 'our soldier' than hust about any other American. Bob Hope is one of the thirty richest men in America with a great deal of his money invested in oil. So it seems to us when we are fighting to keep Vietnam free for business investments, it is us who are working for Bob Hope. He comes over and tells a few jokes to keep up our morale, but the next day we have to go back out and fight, get wounded and maybe kill Vietnamese, in order to make Vietnam 'freer' for Bob Hope's interests.. Bob hope now claims he is trying to unite America. Actually he is trying to organize non-protesters to fight protesters so they can burn each other out. And in the meantime the conflict and name calling, the resort to cheap patriotism will keep Americans occupied will keep Americans occupied. While they are busy fighting each other the spotlight will be off the real cause of conflict, the Vietnam war. And the spotlight will be off the real fighting. The fighting in Vietnam where the Vietnamese and we Americans soldiers are suffering and dying. 40,000 Jokes, 40,000 Dead.

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