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To American GIs in Germany. This is a paper explaining to the German people why they should work together with anti-war, anti-racist GIs. You hear a lot about "Project Partnership" on AFB, here's an opportunity to practice it! In this country there is a large anti-war, anti-racist movement. But the average young German does not yet realize that the average GI is not the Lt. Calley of My Lai fame. Je still has little or no knowledge of the resistance inside the Army (RITA); he does not know that 89,000 GIs deserted last year, that there are almost hundred underground newspapers in the U.S. Military, and he does not know of the daily confrontatitions everywhere between the EM and Brass. You know that General Polk and American and German businessmen all get together and joyfully talk about what they have done to help this war, while at the same time the German Government kicks out Kathleen Cleaver and imprisons Black Panthers. That's partnership as they see it! It's time that those of you who are working against this war, and against this racism, to also bring your efforts together. Do you know that the average young German and yourself have the same interests, and the only thing keeping yuou apart may be the language and a uniform - You both want out of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia! - Fuck the war pigs! - Bring the real war criminals to justice (who rewally is responsible for the deaths of 50,000 young Americans and over 1 million Vietnamese) - Free all political prisoners, black and white, German and American!

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