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Proposal for Concrete Support of the GI Movement At Ft. Hood, and now at Ft. Bragg and Norfolk VA., GI's are waging a struggle against economic exploitation in the form of a boycott against one of the more insiduous "GI Town businesses." The boycott is aimed at Tyrrell's Jewelry store, a national chain of jewelry stores located only in GI towns. Their money is made through the exploitation of the alienation, lonliness, and hatred of the army that is an everyday part of Gi life. The boycott began at Ft. Hood with GIs leafletting and organizing on the streets, and met with immediate success. Then a picket line was set up. After 3 days of picketing the city police moved in and arreted the linme -- 8 GI's and 2 civilians. They were charged with violation of the state "secondary boycott" statute... and held on $2,200 bond apiece for 3 days. On June 30, this wednesday, GI's will once again be in the streets with a new picket line and support demonstration at Tyrrell's. The Killeen City Council has flat-out said that this is an illegal demonstration and the city wil do everythiong in its power to stop it. We need immediate support if we are going to stop Tyrrell's and the city of Killeen, along with laying a firm groundwork for an end to the exploitation on ALL levels of the GI labor force. 1) Members and representatives from Unions -- We may need a huge bail fund this wednesday. If it is possible for your union's funds to be open to us, we need word as soon as possible. 2) We are asking for a national campaign of letters and telegrams to Mayor Linsay, Killeen City hall, protesting the harassment and arrests of boycotting GIs 3) Tyrrell's is located in 16 GI towns. We are attempting to irganize a national GI boycott that will force the national office on its knees. This is te most important thing. VVAW is helping build this. In the face of an incredible amount of harassment, threats, and right-wing terror tactics, GIs will be on the streets of Killeen this wednesday. We can't do it alone. Oleo Strut

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