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For maximum effectively, it will be important that the coming mass Frita movement, as far as possible, avoid at least some of the mistakes already made by the pioneer mini-Frita groups which have been working and fighting away these past three years. What are these mistakes? The principal one is to consider, if only unconsciously, that Rita poses a single problem, independent of time, place, person; a single problem with a single solution. In the past, Frita groups, having found their solution, worked exclusively for it, and often considered other Frita groups as rivals, even as enemies. For many people in the Movement, Rita-Frita has been an auxiliary, secondary activity; they have carried, into this work, aspects of political bickering, hair-splitting, which have been completely incomprehensible to most of the servicemen who felt that the moment had come to oppose the army, the war, the system; they were putting themselves on the line and the political wrangling between different types of “reds” only turned them off. To the writers, it seems evident that Rita is a rapidly evolving process. Specific solutions can only be proposed when the given problems are considered in function of time, place and personal situations. For example, let us take the problem: “What does a deserter worry about?” Today, in fall 1968, the reply is quite different than it was two years ago, in fall 1966. We consider only one variable: time (for the moment, abstractionn is made of place, personal situation). In l966, desertners from the US Armed Forces could only hide—sooner or later they expected to be captured and, if abroad, extradited, turned over to the army. At that time, their main pronblem was: not to be caught: Today, American deserters and absentee soldiers live openly in six

 Resistance in the United States Armed Forces 

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