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countries at least. Today, with help, it is not difficult to reach one of these countries ` the main problem now is to find work and maintain morale, a complete change from two years ago. Once we can agree that Rita/Frita problems are variable, we can still discuss which solutions best apply at a given moment, at a given time, for given individuals. If we stop insisting on any simple “only” solution, cooperation among different parts of the frita movement becomes possible. The blindness Up until very recently, a basic problem faced by all Ritas was that the peace movement as a whole did not even consider us and maintained a profound ignorance about resistance inside the army, in fact about all problems connected with the army in general. Of course, there have been exceptions, such as veterans in the peace movement and those mini-frita groups which have been active during the past years. But addressing ourselves to the movement militants in general, to the man (and woman) who has been picketing draft boards, demonstrating on Fifth Avenue or on college campuses, we would suggest that he ask himself the following questions: 1. How many RA soldiers does he know well, personally? 2. Does he know what RA or US stands for? 3. Does he know what percentage of the armed forces if Ra or Us? 4. Does he read any armed forces “overground” newspapers (Army Times;- Overseas- also known as Oversex- Weekly, Stars & Stripes)? 5. How many per-gi “underground” publications (Act, Ally, Bond, Second Front, Task Force, Vets Stars & Stripes for Peace, Vietnal [sic] GI, Where its At...) Has he read?? 6. How many such overground or underground GI papers did he read six months ago? 7..Does he know the difference between desertion and AWOL etc.? Preliminary polls among peace movement militants have shown us that even today, few can answer these questions positively. Six months ago the ignorance of all facts pertaining to GI life and military matters was abysmal. To the peace movement as a whole, to the average militant, the armed forces were beyond the pale. This was the blindness. There are two evident reasons for this blindness: firstly, the peace movement has been basically middle class. Draft resistance came naturally to their “constituency” : the college student. Rita (resistance inside), for a basically working class or southern farmer volunteer army, did not. Secondly, Rita is totally new both in terms of american tradition

 Resistance in the United States Armed Forces 

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