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and even in terms of the experience of other countries. It is no exaggeration to say that todays Rita is a world premiere. The “Bring Us Home” movement of 1945-46 cannot be compared with today’s Rita. At the end of the Second World War, most GIs (and certainly the leaders of the “bring us home” movement) agreed with the expressed aims of the US government—the defeat of fascism. In 1945-46, the government’ secret reason for keeping combat-trained GIs in Europe and in Asia (the future anti-communist, anti-Chinese crusade) could not yet be avowed above all; they could not be avowed to the GIs who realized well enough that they were alive because some Chinese, some Russian, some red had stopped the Japanese or German bullet that lotherwise would have gotten him, had died in his place. The one American experience that might relate to Rita is the military opposition to the US anti-communist, anti-Russian military campaigns in northern Russia (1918-19) and in Siberia (1919-21). But this movement was small and far back in history - so far it has been successfully eliminated from the traditions of the American left. To the writers knowledge, no significant Rita took place in the Korean War. To summarize: today, growing resistance inside the armed forces is turning on the peace movement—the blinkers are lifting. The movement has come from conscientious objection to draft resistance, from draft resistance to aiding and abetting deserters individually. Today we go on: more and more militants understand that they can “support our servicemen” and support resistance inside the army. Evolution of Rita/Frita With particular reference to Europe; we have already noted that different periods called forth different types of activities. Here we give in more detail, the evolution of some aspects of rita/frita in Europe. Phase 1. Organized specific Frita activity began in 1968. Until then, anti-war activity, both by the "native" European

 Resistance in the United States Armed Forces 

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