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On February 22nd a fundraiser was held for Sir! No Sir! in Mill Valley, which featured performances by Jane Fonda and Maria Muldaur & Friends.

Click here to view the poster for the event.

Click here to read Jane Fonda's fundraising appeal/invitation to this benefit

The Sir! No Sir! Libraries have been re-posted. To view and search the archives of articles from the GI press, GI movement pamphlets, flyers and petitions, click on the Library link in the menu on the left side of this page.



Fundraising Letter from David Zeiger

Dear friends of "Sir! No Sir!,"

As we prepare for the national theatrical release of  "Sir! No Sir!" this Spring, I will be sending you periodic updates on developments and ways that you can help support the film and spread the word.

"Sir! No Sir!" has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary. The Independent Spirit Awards, which are considered  one of the most important for independent films, are broadcast  nationally on the Independent Film Channel on March 4.

As the cliche goes, just getting nominated is an honor. And most importantly it will be a big boost for the theatrical release.

Voting for the Independent Spirit Awards is done by members of the Independent Feature Project in New York and Film Independent in Los  Angeles. To facilitate the voting, Netflix has made all of the nominated films available on DVD for IFP and FIND members only, free  of charge. So during January and February, IFP and FIND members will  have the opportunity to see "Sir! No Sir!" on DVD prior to its  release.

Here's how you can help: Netflix has a five-star system of customer ratings that they average and post with every film. If you are a member of Netflix, you can go on the site and both rate and write a review of "Sir! No Sir!" While you won't be able to rent the movie if you are not an IFP or FIND member, your voice can help promote "Sir! No Sir!" to the people in the independent film world who will be viewing it.

You can also join Film Independent or the Independent Feature Project. They are both great organizations that support and promote independent filmmaking and filmmakers--and you can vote for the Independent Spirit Awards!

So please take a few minutes and help make 2006 the Year of "Sir! No  Sir!"

Thank you,

David Zeiger


November 30

Sir! No Sir! Nominated for as Gotham Award for the Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You prize, selected this year by the editors of the IFP's Filmmaker Magazine. The awards will be given on November 30.

Nominations for the Gotham's inaugural best undistributed prize were solicited from programmers at film festivals from the first half of this year, explained Michelle Byrd, responding to a question by email Friday. Programmers from 18 - 20 festivals were invited to recommend the top two films that screened at their festival. The request created a list of some 30 - 35 titles that were narrowed down to create the final list of nominees.

November 18

Sir! No Sir! is being showcased on the popular BBC program Newsnight Review with Kirsty Walk.

November 13

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at both the High Falls Film Festival (Rochester, NY) and the Starz Denver International Film Festival.

November 4

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Get Real: City Pages Documentary Film Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

October 24 and 26

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Viennale Vienna International Film Festival

October 20 and 21

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Hampton's Film Festival

October 17

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the FilmFest Kansas City at 7 PM


October 16

David Zeiger will participate in a panel on "Voices of Dissent" at the Vermont Film Festival at, 3:30 pm

October 16

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Vermont Film Festival.

October 13

Sir! No Sir! will be screened as the opening film at the Vermont Film Festival at 7 PM

October 8 and 11

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival

September 20

Jane Fonda hosted a fundraiser for Sir! No Sir! in New York City. Click here for description of event.

August 23 and 24

Sir! No Sir! will be screened at the Original Alamo in Austin by the Third Coast Activist Resource Center as a fundraiser for the completion of the film.

August 14th

Cindy Sheehan is still waiting outside the President's ranch with the simple demand that he take an hour out of his five week vacation and meet with her. Ms. Sheehan, one of the founders of Gold Star Families for Peace went to Crawford from the 2005 Veteran's for Peace Convention in Dallas, vowing to stay until Bush met with her. In the last week she has been joined by other families who have lost other loved ones in Iraq. If you want to find out more about Ms Sheehan go to:

  • Gold Star Families for Peace
  • Meet With Cindy
  • Veteran's for Peace

For daily updates about events in Crawford click here.

August 12th

"Occupation Dreamland" opens in theaters in September. The film is an unflinchingly candid portrait of a squad of American soldiers deployed in the doomed Iraq city of Falluja during Winter 2004. An excellent portrayal of both what it means to be in an army of occupation, and to be one of the occupied. For details, go to

August 12-18

Winter Soldier is being re released and re-premiered at the Walter Reade Theater at the Lincoln Center in New York. For a full schedule of where you can see this tremendously important film, click here

July 7th

Sir! No Sir! was screened by Australian antiwar activists for US sailors, on liberty in Sydney to watch

June 26 2005

Awarded the "Documentary Audience Award" at the Los Angeles Film Festival

David Zeiger has been interviewed about Sir! No Sir! by the Hollywood Podcast. Click here to listen The interview is 36 minutes long so please be patient.

To view images of David receiving the audience award from Lisa Kudrow click here

LA Times review of Sir! No Sir! has been mirrored at:

  • Artists Network/Refuse & Resist
  • Not In Our Name
  • Z Magazine

June 20 2005

LA Weekly named Sir! No Sir! the critics pick of the Los Angeles Film Festival

June 19 2005

Sir! No Sir! has its' world premiere this evening at the Los Angeles Film FestivaL Director's Guild Theater 1

To view images from the June 19th screening of Sir! No Sir! click here

June 17 2005

Sir! No Sir! was reviewed in Fridays L. A. Times



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