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dedicated to jeff sharlet (1942-1969), founder of vietnam gi, the first gi underground paper; and john kniffin (1940-2002), leader of texas vietnam veterans against the war.

both died of cancer caused by agent orange, the chemical defoliant used by the u.s. in vietnam.

Produced, Directed and Written by David Zeiger.

Produced by Evangeline Griego and Aaron Zarrow.

Edited by May Rigler and Lindsay Mofford.

Narrated by Troy Garity.

Executive Producer - Peter Broderick.

Co-Producer - Louise Rosen.

Associate Producers - William Short, Michael Slate.

Original Music by Buddy Judge.

Sound Design - Tucker.

Associate Editors - Duc Nguyen, Tucker.

Camera - May Rigler, David Zeiger.

Production and Editorial Assistant - Deidre Farris.

Producers’ Assistant - Renee Tod.

Additional Camera - Jerry Henry, Ann Kaneko.

Still Photography - William Short.

Online Editor - Bill Bryn Russell.

Production Intern - Phinneas Kiyomura.

Technical Support - Nicolas Gibbs.

Graphic Design - Christopher Kirk.

Publicity - Tim Fisher.

Accounting - Stu Nelson.

Legal Council - Michael Donaldson.

Archival Research - James Lewes.

Additional Research - Jörgen Gustafson, Isabelle Moore, Mark Piper, Dina Rigle.

Web Design - James Lewes, Roger Los, David Neiman.

Voice of Colonel Heinl - Ed Asner.

Featuring: Joe Bangert, Tom Bernard, Dave Blalock, Richard Boyle, Dave Cline, Donald Duncan, Eddie Eskelson, Jane Fonda, Louis Font, Stephen Goldsmith, Elder Halim Gullahbemi, Oliver Hirsch, John Huyler, Terry Iverson, Jerry Lembcke, Howard Levy, Keith Mather, Don L. May, Ron McMahan, Louise Monaco, Hal Muskat, Greg Payton, Randy Rowland, Susan Schnall, William Short, Darnell Summers, Joe Urgo, Terry Whitmore, Michael Wong and Billy Dean Smith’s Family - Verna Blossomgame, Veda Kennedy, Essie Love, Mildred Parker.

Special thanks to the veterans, supporters and scholars who generously shared their stories with us: Thomas Barton, Wayne Beverly, Cam Cunningham, David Cortright, Carl Dix, Ray Eurquhart, Francis Giacomozzi, Terry Klug, Cathy Kniffin, Mark Lane, Jane McMahan, Gerald Nicosia, Dennis Patrick, Dick Perrin, Richard Randig, Curt Stocker, Andy Stapp, Michael Uhl.


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“Soldier Boy”; Written by Luther Dixon and Florence Green; Courtesy of EMI Longitude Music (BMI) and ABKO Music; Performed by The Shirelles; Courtesy of Sundazed Records.

“Soldier We Love You”; Written and Performed by Rita Martinson; Courtesy of From the Forest Music

“Captain Sterling’s Little Problem”; Written by Boots Riley; Performed by The Coup; Courtesy of Field Negro Music


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