Sir! No Sir! A movement that rocked the world...a story that has been surpressed. Displaced Films presents a film by David Zeiger.
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Current reviews focuses on articles about and reviews of Sir! No Sir! that have been published since April 5 2006, when the film premiered in Oakland.


Interviews features recorded and press interviews with David Zeiger


The Blogosphere focuses on the reactions from a variety of perspectives.


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The Archives section features articles about and reviews of the film published between June 2005 and April 2006.



"David Zeiger's superb documentary about the Vietnam War era's GI protest movement is jammed with incident and anecdote and moves with nearly as much breathless momentum as the movement itself." (Chuck Wilson, L.A. Weekly)


"A 'must-see' documentary which seeks to return to the historical record the pivotal story of the GI anti-war movement during the Vietnam War." ( Les Wright,