Critical Responses to Sir! No Sir!

  • Peviews Published between January and April 2006

Sir! No Sir! A Documentary Directed by David Zeiger - Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War

Sir! No Sir! - Louis Proyect,

"SIR NO SIR!": Silence Broken About Soldiers Anti-War Movment - Lydia Howell, host of "Catalyst", Tues. 11am, KFAI Radio

Also There - Posting to the Sir! No Sir! Bulletin Board by Hal Noyes, co-founder of GIs United at Fort Bragg

Different war, same message from Fonda - Beth Ashley, Marin Independent Journal

Fans Flock To Fonda - Leslie Harlib, Marin Independent Journal

  • Reviews published in 2005

Time and

The Colorado Daily

The Boulder Weekly

The Daily Camera

Storyville (BBC)

Filmmaker Blog

The Guardian.


Minnesota Public Radio


Granma International

Workers World (the final section of the article contains a report about the showing of a video of Sir! No Sir! to American sailors in Sydney)


Hollywood Reporter

Pasadena Weekly

Los Angeles Times Calendar (reprint of the interview in Mother Jones, linked because the web site subtitles itself "news from Occupied Iraq) (This review is in Polish.)



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