“A Few Malcontents”

  1965 >>>
January 4
Johnson announces the creation of the "Great Society" during his State of the Union speech
January 18
Malcolm X denounces US involvement in Vietnam
January 27
Khanh seizes full control of South Vietnamese government
January 29
Johnson inaugurated
February 6
  Viet Cong guerrillas attack the U.S. military compound at Pleiku in the Central Highlands, killing eight, wounding 126 and destroying ten aircraft.
February 18
Khanh ousted in a military coup, he is replaced by a military/civilian government led by Dr. Phan Huy Quat.
February 21
Malcolm X is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom
February 22
  General Westmoreland requests two battalions of U.S. Marines to protect the American air base at Da Nang.
February 25
  US military admit bombing targets in North Vietnam for the first time
March 2
  Operation Rolling Thunder launched.
March 7
police in selma
Civil rights marchers, marching from Selma to Montgomery are attacked by police at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where one of them is killed.
March 7 - 8
  The first U.S. combat troops arrive in Vietnam as 3500 Marines land at China Beach to defend the American air base at Da Nang.
March 9
  Johnson approves the use of napalm.
March 24-25
Students for a Democratic Society organize the first teach-in on the Vietnam war, at the University of Michigan
April 17
25,000 march against the war in Washington DC
April 28
Lyndon Johnson sends 42,420 US troops to the Dominican Republic to "protect US citizens" and "prevent an alleged Communist takeover of the country."
May 3
  The first U.S. Army combat troops, 3500 men of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, arrive in Vietnam.
May 9 - 10
Bob Dylan performs at the Royal Albert Hall
May 12
The California State Senate's Byrne Committee releases report calling the Berkeley campus a haven for communists.
May 21-23
Vietnam Day Committee organizes the largest Vietnam teach-in to date at UC Berkeley, about 30,000 attend
June 12
The Beatles appointed Members of the British Empire (MBE) by the Queen.
June 18
  Ky takes power in South Vietnam as the new prime minister with Thieu functioning as official chief of state.
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party circulates a leaflet entitled "The War on Vietnam: A McComb, Mississippi, Protest."
July 14
US spacecraft Mariner 4 flies by Mars, becoming the first spacecraft to return images from the red planet
July 25
Bob Dylan is booed at the Newport Folk Festival for playing electric set with Paul Butterfield Blues Band.
July 28
  President Johnson announces he will send 44 combat battalions to Vietnam. Monthly draft calls are doubled to 35,000.
August 6
Aniwar protestors attempt to stop troop trains on the Santa Fe railroad tracks in West Berkeley and Emeryville by standing on the tracks.
August 11
Race riot - Watts
August 13
First issue of The Berkeley Barb published
August 15
The Beatles play Shea Stadium.
August 31
President Johnson signs a law criminalizing draft card burning.
September 9
U Thant recommends China be admitted into the UN.
October 15
Anti-Vietnam war rallies are held in four U.S. cities. In New York, police make the 1st arrest under a new Federal draft card-burning law.
November 2
Norman Morrison burns himself to death at the Pentagon in protest of the war.
November 6
lt howe
howe link Out of uniform and off duty, Lt. Henry Howe participates in a small antiwar demonstration in El Paso. He was arrested on his way back to base.
November 14 - 16
Battle of Ia Drang Valley
November 26
Arlo Guthrie is arrested in Great Barrington, Massachusetts for the crime of littering
November 27
Between 15,000 and 25,000 anti-war demonstrators rally at the White House during an SDS-organized March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam.
December 10
The Warlocks change their name to The Grateful Dead
December 22
Following a 2 day court martial, Lt. Henry Howe was sentenced to dismissal, two years confinement at hard labor and forfeiture of pay and allowances.
  1966 >>>
January 2
Strike of public transportation workers in New York City
January 28
US military adopts the tactic of Search and Destroy as the standard operating procedure in South Vietnam
January 21 - 23
Three-day Trips Festival at Longshoremen's Hall in San Francisco
January 28
Bombing of North Vietnam resumes
Having retired from the Marine Corps, Master Sgt. Donald Duncan publishes "The Whole Thing was a Lie" a stinging rebuke of US involvement in Vietnam in Ramparts.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen. J. William Fulbright, holds televised hearings examining America's policy in Vietnam.
February 5
The White House rebuffs a group of veterans who attempted to return their medals and honorable discharge papers as a protest against the Vietnam war.
March 3
donald duncan 1966
Donald Duncan is the featured speaker at an anti war meeting held at the Town Hall in Manhattan.
March 4
In an interview published in The Evening Standard, John Lennon comments, "We're more popular than Jesus now."
March 26
Second International Day of Protest Against the Vietnam War.
April 10
SDS National Council decides to distribute a "National Vietnam Exam" to all students taking the first Selective Service deferment test on May 14.
April 12
B52s are used for the first time against targets in North Vietnam.
May 14
South Vietnam in a state of virtual civil war as military units loyal to Prime Minister Ky battle renegade South Vietnamese Buddhist troops in DaNang and Hue.
June 6
James Meredith is shot while trying to march across Mississippi
June 19
U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee charges that communists have played a key role in anti-war demonstrations .
June 29
US bomb oil depots around Hanoi and Haiphong.
June 30
Pfc James Johnson, Pvt Dennis Mora and Pvt David Samas [Fort Hood 3] hold a press conference to announce they would refuse orders to Vietnam.
July 4
The Congress of Racial Equality calls for withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam and an end to the draft.
July 18
Race Riot - Cleveland
July 29
Bob Dylan almost dies in a motorcycle accident
August 7
Race Riot - Lansing
August 13
Cultural Revolution begins - China
August 29
The Beatles perform their last official concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California
September 7 - 9
Fort Hood 3 court martialed and found guilty of violating Article 134 of the UCMJ. Johnson and Mora sentenced to three years at Hard Labor, Johnson to five.
September 23
US reveals that jungles near the DMZ are being defoliated.
Capt. Howard Levy refuses to continue training Green Beret medics to treat skin diseases in Vietnam.
Black Panther Party founded.
October 6
LSD criminalized.
December 28
Howard Levy is charged with promoting "disloyalty and disaffection" among soldiers and refusing to teach dermatology to Special Forces aidmen.
  1967 >>>
January 14
First Human Be-In, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
January 23
Senator Fulbright publishes The Arrogance of Power
March 1
Adam Clayton Powell denied House seat
April 4
Martin Luther King publicly opposes the Vietnam War for the first time.
April 8 - 10
Race riot - Nashville
April 15
500,000 attend antiwar rallies in New York and San Francisco
April 16
Race riot - Cleveland
April 20
Haiphong harbor bombed.
April 24
General Westmoreland accuses antiwar protestors of giving aid and comfort to the NVA.
April 28
Muhammad Ali refuses military service.
3 Vietnam Veterans, including Donald Duncan testify before the Russell International War Crimes Tribunal about atrocities in Vietnam.
May 18 - 26
US forces enter the Demilitarized Zone for the first time.
May 27
Army admits more than 700 GIs have deserted because of their opposition to the Vietnam war.
June 1
Vietnam Veterans Against the War founded.
June 2
Beatles release Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
June 2 - 3
Captain Levy is found guilty found guilty by a general court martial and sentenced to three years at hard labor.
June 16-18
Monterey Pop Festival
June 23
the bond
First issue of The Bond published
Westmoreland requests another 200,000 troops be sent to Vietnam. This would have brought US total ground forces to 675,000.
July 2
Congress passes Selective Service Act reform: ends grad student deferments & puts them in a pool to be drafted in June 68
July 12 - 17
Race riot - Detroit
July 19
Congress outlaws crossing state lines to "incite to riot."
July 25
Black Power Conference - Newark
July 27
harvey and daniels
William Harvey and George Daniels urge other Marines to request "captain's mast" to protest, "going over there and fighting the Vietnamese and coming back here and fighting the white man."
Abbie Hoffman throws dollar bills on to the floor on the Stock Exchange, causing a near riot as brokers fight for the money.
August 17
William Harvey and George Daniels are arrested on an assortment of charges.
August 30
Thurgood Marshall appointed to the Supreme Court.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle most of the prisoners in Long Binh Jail are "serving two to four month sentences" for going AWOL.
October 3
Woody Guthrie dies.
October 6
Mock funeral for "the hippie" held in Haight Ashbury
October 8
Che Guevara killed in Bolivia
October 16 - 22
Stop the Draft week
October 21
75,000 March on the Pentagon.
November 7
General Hershey announces crackdown on deferred college students active in anti-war demonstrations.
November 27
Harvey and Daniels are sentenced to six and four years at hard labor for attempting to cause "insubordination, disloyalty and refusal of duty by the members of the armed forces."
November 29
Robert McNamara announces his resignation as Defense Secretary.
November 30
Eugene McCarthy announces he is a candidate for President


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