“We Thought the Revolution was Starting”
ufo link UFO Coffeehouse opens in Columbia, South Carolina
The Beatles launch Apple Corps
January 5
Alexander Dubcek elected as the leader of Czechoslovakian Communist Party
January 16
Youth International Party (YIPPIE) founded.
January 21 - April 8
Seige of Khe Sanh.
January 23
USS Pueblo seized by the North Koreans
January 30 - March 15
The Tet Offensive
The Beatles visit the Maharishi in India
February 1
General Loan publicly executes an NVA prisoner in front of an NBC news crew and an A. P. photographer.
February 8
3 Black Students killed by police - Orangeburg, South Carolina
February 16
Draft deferments for most graduate students and all occupational deferments eliminated
February 27
Walter Cronkite declares, on the evening news, that he cannot see the Vietnam war ending as anything but a stalemate.
February 28
Westmoreland requests another 208,000 trops and the mobilization of the Reserves
March 8 - 9
Student uprising - Warsaw
March 12
McCarthy wins 42% of the New Hampshire vote
March 16
Robert Kennedy declares his candidacy
March 16
My Lai massacre.
March 17
Violent Anti Vietnam war protests - Grosvenor Square, London
March 27
Yuri Gagarin killed in plane crash
March 31
Lyndon Johnson announces he would not seek a 2nd term as President
April 2
Bombs placed in Frankfurt Am Main department stores by Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin explode at midnight.
April 4
Martin Luther King assassinated.
April 4 - 11
Black uprisings in 125 cities
April 11
Attempted assassination of Rudi Dutschke.
April 15
Spring Mobilization Against the war
April 23 - 30
Columbia University occupation
May 4
6 American deserters hold press conference in Moscow to denounce the War.
May 5
Mini-Tet Offensive launched.
May 10
Peace talks open - Paris
May 13 - 30
France swept by protests, strikes and demonstrations.
Oleo Strut Coffeehouse opens
June 3
Andy Warhol shot by Valerie Solanas.
June 5
Robert Kennedy is shot by Sirhan Sirhan, he dies the next day.
June 8
James Earl Ray arrested for killing Martin Luther King
June 29
Pope Paul VI issues encyclical condemning birth control.
July 1
Phoenix Program launched.
July 15 -18
The 9 for Peace publicly announce they had resigned from the US military and begin a 48 hour service of liberation and communion.
July 23 - 24
Race riot - Cleveland
July 26
South Vietnamese opposition leader Truong Dinh Dzu sentenced to five years hard labor for advocating the formation of a coalition government.
August 20 - 21
Soviet tanks enter Prague
August 23
  Gypsy Peterson, editor of the Fatigue Press, and Josh Gould, manager of the Oleo Strut are busted as they left Killeen to go the the Democratic Convention.
August 23 -24
Mass meeting of Black GIs at Fort Hood to discuss their deployment to Chicago for the Dmocratic Convention for Riot Control duties. The next morning 43 of them are arrested.
August 25 - 29
Democratic Convention - Chicago
August 29 - 30
Long Binh Jail rebellion
September 18
Mexican Army invades Mexico City's National University
October 2
Mexican military fire upon protesting students, killing 200.
October 10
Lt [jg] Susan Schnall 'bombs' US Naval installations in and around San Francisco with 20,000 leaflets announcing GI & Vets March for Peace in San Francisco.
October 11
Pvt Richard Bunch, 19, was shot in the back and killed trying to escape from the Presidio Stockade.
October 12
GI & Vets March for Peace - San Francisco
October 14
In protest of the killing of Richard Bunch, 27 prisoners at the Presidio staged a brief sit-down strike during Morning Roll Call demanding to see the Correction Officer to present a list of grievances.
October 16
Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos, Gold and Bronze medal winners in the 200 meters raise their fists in black power salute during the medal ceremony.
October 31
Operation Rolling Thunder ended
First Whole Earth Catalog published
November 5
Nixon defeats Humphrey
November 6
San Francisco State University - student strike.
November 14
Yale University announces it was going co-educational.
December 2
Student strike - New York High Schools.
December 21 - 27
Aollo 8 orbits the moon
December 24
Keith Mather and Walter Pawlowski escape from the Presidio and go into exile in Canada.
Riot - Londonderry
January 19
GIs at Ft. Sam Houston publish a pro-Panther pamphlet, calling for "Black Power".
January 20
Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th U.S. President
January 25
Paris peace talks open
January 30
The Beatles perform an impromptu concert on the roof of Apple Records
January 31
Susan Schnall court martialled for actions which, the Navy said, would "impair the morale, loyalty and discipline of the members of the armed forces... conduct unbecoming an officer."
Student strikes and sit-ins - Berkeley, Harvard, Howard University, Penn State, Rice, University of Massachussetts, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago
February 4
Yasser Arafat appointed chairmaan of the Palestinian Liberation Organization
February 5
Reagan declares a "State of Extreme Emergeny" in California.
February 23
NVA launch co-ordinated attacks against more than 110 targets in South Vietnam
March 1
Jim Morrison is arrested in Miami for exposing himself on stage.
March 5
Senate Committee reports that in the year ending June 30 1968 “a GI deserted on average once every ten minutes” and a GI went AWOL approximately every 3 minutes.
March 13
Senior US militry commanders order investigations into reports that the Black Panther Party might be organizing and recruiting among the troops in Vietnam.
March 15
Presidio 27 demonstration in San Francisco, speakers include Susan Schnall and Terence Hallinan.
March 17
Nixon authorizes the secret bombing of NVA targets inside Cambodia.
March 28
Founders of The Shelter Half Coffeehouse arrested for "contributing to the delinquecy of a minor."
President Eisenhower dies.
Armed Services Committee discloses that 53,357 servicemen have been classified as deserters.
April 9 - 22
Student strike - Harvard.
April 20
British troops arrive in Northern Ireland
April 30
US troop levels in South Vietnam peak at 543,000
GIs serving with the 101st Airborne, in Vietnam, publish Statement in Support of the Presidio 27
The New York Times breaks the story about the secret bombing of Cambodia. In response Nixon orders illegal wiretapping of journalists.
May 4
Hal Muskat transferred from Fort Dix, to Fort Lee, for involvement in the distribution of underground newspapers on post.
May 10 - 20
Hamburger Hill
May 14 - 15
People's Park - Berkeley
May 26 - June 2
John and Yoko stage "Bed-In"
June 6
14 Presidio 27 defendants convicted at General court martial and sentenced to terms ranging from 3 to 15 months - Fort Ord.
June 16
Jeff Sharlet dies of cancer in Miami.
June 18 - 22
SDS National Conference in Chicago ends in chaos as the organization splits into two ideologially incompatable factions.
June 20
Roger Priest charged with violating 14 specifications under 4 articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, for statements and articles published in the first 3 issues of OM.
June 28
Stonewall Riots - New York
July 3
Brian Jones dies.
July 8
First US troop withdrawal from South Vietnam.
July 18
July 20
First Moon Landing
August 6
Howard Levy released on $1000 bond.
August 9
Sp/4 Hal Muskat sentenced to seven months at Hard Labor for distributing an antiwar newspaper and “contemptuous utterings to the court”.
August 9
Sharon Tate and 4 others are murdered by the Manson Family
August 15 - 18
Woodstock Festival.
August 20
Bobby Seale arrested in Oakland for murder of Alex Rachey, charges were later dropped
August 24
Combat Refusal - Company A of the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry.
August 28
Ropger Priest ordered to stand trial.
August 30
Fort Knox Coffeehouse opens
September 2
Ho Chi Minh dies of a heart attack
September 5
U.S. Army files murder charges against Lt. Calley
September 11
Richard Chase refuses to participate in riot control training - Fort Hood.
September 15
Friends of the Earth founded
September 24
Chicago 8 Trial begins
October 6
Weathermen blow up police statue in Haymarket Square - Chicago.
October 8 - 11
Days of Rage - Chicago
October 15
First Moratorium Against the War
November 3
In a speech to the nation, Nixon asks for the support of the "silent majority."
November 15
2nd Moratorium - More than 250,000 protest the War in Washington DC
Gypsy Petersen cleared of all charges, dishonorably discharged and freed.
December 1
First draft lottery since World War II held in New York.
December 4
Fred Hampton and Mark Clark are murdered by the Chicago police.
December 20
Pvt Richard Chase convicted and sentenced to two years hard labor at Leavenworth and Dishonorable Discharge.
Dember 24
Rolling Stones free concert - Altamont
December 27 - 30
Weatherman National War Council - Flint Michigan


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