“Sir, My Men Refuse to Fight”
January 2
Supreme Court rules General Lewis Hershey's 1967 directive, that local draft boards reclassify anti-draft demonstrators as eligible for active duty (1-A) unconstitutional.
January 5
Supreme Court upholds prohibition of underground GI anti-war newspaper at Fort Bragg.
February 15
UFO coffee house closed for "maintaining public nuisance"
February 27
West Point graduate, 1st Lt. Louis Font, asks to be released from military service because its actions in Vietnam counter his religious beliefs.
March 5
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect
March 6
Prince Sihanouk deposed in Cambodia.
Three Weathermen blow themselves up in Greenwich Village.
March 8
Jane Fonda detained at, then banned for life from, Fort Lewis.
March 16
Expo 1970 opens in Osaka
March 18
Coup - Cambodia.
March 22
San Diego MDM open house, attended by Jane Fonda and Robert Ryan of the Black Panther Party.
March 23
President Nixon orders 24,000 troops from Ft Dix and McGuire Air Force Base to New York City to break postal workers strike.
ROTC building destroyed by fire - Stanford University.
Paul McCartney announces The Beatles have disbanded
April 14
Navy announces it’s intention to proceed with Roger Priest’s court Martial on six counts. If found guilty on all counts, he faced a maximum sentence of 39 years.
April 22
Earth Day
April 28
Three staff members of the UFO Coffeehouse sentenced to six years in prison.
April 30
Nixon orders US troops into Cambodia.
May 1
Nixon calls antiwar students "bums blowing up campuses."
May 4
National Guard troops open fire on students at Kent State, killing 4.
May 6 - 20
National student strike in protest of the invasion of Cambodia and the killings at Kent State.
May 14 - 15
Student unrest - Jackson State University. Two students killed.
May 16
armed farces day
Armed Farces Day
May 22
Jane Fonda and Mark Lane expelled from Fort Meade.
Roger Priest convicted of “promoting disloyalty and disaffection”.
US Court of Military Review finds the Presidio 27 innocent of Mutiny
Pentagon admits it cannot account for 80,000 GIs
June 10
Nixon signs legislation lowering voting age to 18.
June 22
US use of defoliants halted.
June 24
US Senate repeals Gulf of Tonkin resolution
July 23
Fort Knox Coffeehouse closed.
JAugust 26 - 30
Isle of Wight pop festival
September 4 - 7
Operation R.A.W. (Rapid American Withdrawal), 75 mile march from Morristown, NJ to Valley Forge, PA. Stage simulated search and destroy missions along way to dramatize the horror of the Vietnam War.
September 7
VVAW rally at Valley Forge, following Operation R.A.W. Rally at Valley Forge addressed by Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Mark Lane and others.
September 12
Timorthy Leaary escapes from prison with the help of the Weathermen.
September 18
Jimi Hendrix dies.
October 4
Janis Joplin dies.
October 9
Khmer Republic declared in Cambodia.
October 16
State of Emergency declared in Canada.
November 3
Allende becomes president of Chile.
November 17
Calley court-martial opens
December 7
South Africa expelled from UN
December 22
Cooper-Church Amendment to Defense Appropriations Bill forbids use of US ground forces in Laos and Cambodia.
  1971 >>>
January 3
BBC begins broadcasting Open University classes
January 4
Nixon declares that an end to the war is in sight.
January 30 - April 6
Backed by US airpower and artillery, South Vietnamese troops invade Laos.
January 31 - February 2
Winter Soldier Investigation - Detroit.
February 16
FTA formed by Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland.
March 1
Bomb explodes in Capitol men's room - Washington DC. The Weathermern claim responsibility.
March 5
Pakistani army occupy East Pakistan
March 8
Supreme Court rules that objection to a particular war not grounds for Conscientious Objector status.
March 15
Billy Smith arrested and accused of fragging two officers at Bien Hoa.
March 23
Coup - Argentina.
March 26
East Pakistan/Bangladesh declares its independence.
March 29
Lt. Calley convicted.
Charles Manson sentenced to death.
April 1
Nixon orders Lt. Calley be released pending his appeal.
April 13 - 14
  FTA Show performs at Haymarket Square coffee house (Cast includes Peter Boyle, Barbara Dane, Jane Fonda, Dick Gregory and Donald Sutherland).
April 19 - 23
Operation Dewey Canyon III - Washington DC
April 23
Dewey Canyon III ends with 800 veterans throwing their medals and citations onto a pile labeled “trash” on the steps of the US Capital building.
April 24
Demanding “total and immediate withdrawal from Indochina”, 1000 active duty GIs lead an anti war protest march of 500,000 through the streets of Washington DC
Fort Hood GIs and staff of the Oleo Strut call for GIs to boycott the Tyrrell's jewelry store chain.
Daniel and Phillip Berrigan indicted for conspiring to kidnap the President.
May 5
Riot control units of the 82nd Airborne Division are deployed in Washington DC to “preserve law and order” as 50,000 anti war protestors  descend on the Capital to “Stop the Government”.
May 15
  Armed Farces Day
June 1
  Tyrrell picketers arrested - Killeen.
June 13 - 15
Excerpts from the Pentagon Papers published in the Mew York Times.
June 18
Washington Post asked by the Nixon Administration to stop publishing excerpts from the Pentagon Papers
June 27
Fillmore East closes in Neww York City.
June 30
Supreme Court rules that the Nixon administration attempted injunction of the New York Times and Washington Post publishing excerpts from the Pentagon Papers was unconstitutional.
July 1
  The Pentagon reports that in 1970, nearly 1 out of every 12 (89,088) GIs deserted and 228,797 others went AWOL.
July 17
Plumbers unit set up in the White House.
August 1
Concert for Bangladesh
August 9
British Army begins interning suspected terrorists without trial in Long Kesh Prison.
August 18
Australia and New Zealand announce the withdrawal of their troops from Vietnaqm.
August 21
George Jackson killed.
September 9 - 13
Prison riot - Attica.
September 26
  Stop Our Ship Referendum - citizens of San Diego are asked to decide whether the USS Constellation should remain at homeport or sail for Vietnam.
October 1
Walt Disney World opens.
October 10 - 11
  Combat refusal - Firebase Pace.
October 25
  Mass arrest of GIs, the staff of the Oleo Strut, including the director of Sir! No Sir!, and supporters for staging antiwar Veteran's Day demonstration - Killeen.
November 3
Unix Programmers Manual published.
November 5
UN votes to seat China
December 3
War breaks out between India and Pakistan.
January 25
Shirley Chisholm announces her candidacy for President.
Equal Rights Amendment passed in Congress
March 24
British Government suspends Unionist Government and declares direct rule in Northern Ireland.
April 15
Hanoi and Haiphong bombed.
April 27
Paris Peace Talks resume
May 2
J. Edgar Hoover dies.
May 4
US and South Vietnam suspend their participation in Paris Peace Talks.
May 9
Haiphong Harbor mined.
May 11
Chicago 7 convictions overturned.
May 14
Headquarters of US Army in Vietnam decommissioned.
May 20
  Armed Farces Day.
May 30
Angry Brigade trials begin.
June 17
Watergate breakin.
  Jane Fonda visits North Vietnam.
July 8
  GIs picket Court of Military Appeals, Washington DC, in support of Billy Smith.
July 13
Paris Peace Talks resume.
Nixon claims no administration officials involved in Watergate break-in
August 23
Last US combat troops leave South Vietnam.
  Free Billy Smith Rallies - Monterey, Travis AFB
September 5 - 6
11 Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics by the Black September Organization.
Nixon reelected.
November 14
  Billy Smith found not guilty of fragging.
December 18 - 29
"Christmas bombing" of North Vietnam.
  1973 >>>
January 17
Marcos declared President for Life in the Phillipines
January 22
Lyndon Johnson dies
Supreme Court rules on Roe vs Wade
January 23
Peace agreement reached. Nixon claims it will "end the war and bring peace with honor."
January 27
Last American serviceman to be killed in combat in South Vietnam, Lt. Col. William Nolde, is killed.
February 12
American POWs begin to be released.
February 28 - May 8
Occupation and seige of Wounded Knee
March 8
IRA bombs explode at the Old Bailey and in Whitehall.
March 29
Last remaining American troops withdraw from South Vietnam.
Nixon meets with Thieu and reiterates his private pledge to use military force if South Vietnam attacked.
April 4
World Trade Center opens.
April 30
Erlichman and Halderman resign
May 17
Senate Watergate Hearings begin.
June 1
Greek Junta disssolves the monarchy and proclames a Republic.
June 9
Secretariat wins the Triple Crown
June 19
Congress approves Case-Church Amendment which forbids any further US military involvement in South East Asia after August 14.
June 25 - 29
John Dean testifies in front of the Senate Watergate Committee
August 14
U.S. bombing activities in Cambodia are halted.
August 31
Gainsville 8 acquitted
September 11
Coup - Chile.


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